The peaceful season/the busy season

Today I'm reflecting on what this time of year is about.. For Christians, it is about celebrating the birth of their Savior; for many it is about the birth of One who taught people about love and forgiveness; for all, it should be a time of Thanksgiving, of gathering with family to celebrate family, friendship, joys, Blessings. 

It is also a time that can get so busy. Sometimes too busy. That is a special challenge for someone, like myself, running a retail store and business. The looming shopping holidays such as black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. etc. can become a challenge to keeping my focus on the peace and gratefulness we should feel at this time of year. For me, it comes down to seeing all the special shopping days that there are approaching, being diligent with taking care of our customers desires, understanding the value of creating income before the slow season of winter takes over... but, most importantly, reading every warning sign that the focus on "sales" is improperly balancing my internal need for peace, for understanding WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT IN LIFE.

May we all enjoy the meaningful balance we need at this time of year, and discard any feelings of stress that can arise from losing our focus on what is really important.

November 21, 2022 — ed roth

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