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I don't believe anyone is aware of this blog. People will know, someday. For now, it is a bit therapeutic to write without anyone seeing what i am writing. It is basically a journal.

Journaling has been known for centuries to be very helpful, a self-counseling, if you will. I similarly find talking to myself out loud, such as while driving, to be a verbal act of journaling, and very helpful to me to work through things. We all need to work through things, so to speak. Such as, why I am using my t-shirt blog as therapy!! Eventually, this blog will become a part of my business, my marketing, and most importantly, a means of further connection between myself and you, the customer and friend of Roth Shirt Co. Because I don't wish to just run a business, I wish to connect with people, and be a part of us all connecting more rather than less.

November 22, 2022 — ed roth

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