Who We Are

Roth Shirt Co. is a branded line of t-shirts, all drawn by Ed Roth. Our motto is "Lifting people up, one silly t-shirt at a time".

Our basic action model is,

1) superior quality in our t-shirt, which means a softer more durable fabric, pigment dying for warm color tone and non-shrinking, and a thicker more traditional quality fit and feel.

2) superior quality in our customer service, including help in making sure you have the right fit and color, an uplifting store environment, and positive assistance with any issues or help after the sale.

3) caring more about the process, the human connection, and the experience than we do about the profit. We feel if we take care of the right approach to our business, profit as needed will take care of itself.

"If it's not a Roth, it's just cloth"

March 16, 2023 — ed roth

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