I do not own a television. Haven't for many years. I do not watch television. So now, if I ever am near one and catch a glimpse of what is on I can't believe people watch them. Especially, and mainly, the news.

Even when I glance at a news website online, to see if I am missing anything I need to know, what really stands out to me is how the stories are often totally impersonalized. When we talk about issues in friends lives, or our own lives, we share with people who care. Or WE care. Everyone has issues in life, life is very imperfect and messy. But what stands out to me is how we tell stories on the news only for the titillation, without any chance of understanding, forgiveness, or hint that the story may be false. The person becomes someone to dump on and injure simply because people want to click on juicy stories. And clicks, and eyes are profitable, no matter how impersonal and hurtful the story may be. They are not a real human, they are a mythical creature to have fun with, at their expense.

Not for me. I like not having a TV.

Give it a try.....?

March 14, 2023 — ed roth

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