Shirt Emergency!

Those were the first words on the phone from customer Ann..she explained, slightly panicked, that her son and his bride were on their honeymoon in the U.P. and had their bag stolen. "He cherished that shirt; it was the one item he really hated to lose" Ann stated and shared that it was our Live Streaming fly fishing shirt. Ann was heading up to see them, and hoped she could get a replacement to take him. We did one better; I discovered in the conversation that her sons' new bride was starting to enjoy the outdoors more so she could spend more time with him when he was fly fishing, so we printed up an outdoors-themed Roth shirt for her and made them both "on the house" to help lesson the pain of the theft.

It's tough to lose a Roth, isn't it..??


June 22, 2023 — ed roth



Dinsdale said:

Nice story Eddy… are a good man!

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