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When I started this blog page, I commented how most blogs on websites start strong and then, you look and the last post was made 2 years ago (or more). Well, am I getting to that stage?  

My comments today are that the Traverse Bay Region seems to be getting more and more enjoyable all the time. As I walked out to the breakwall at the marina downtown with my cup of coffee a yesterday, I realized how special and beautiful our area is. It puts everything into perspective. It calms the soul. Is is magnetic; spiritual. It also seems that the world seems to be discovering our region, suddenly everyone "gets it". 

I just know I am grateful to have lived here for 40 years and get my soul refreshed by its beauty, and the people, on a regular basis.

August 09, 2023 — ed roth


Benno Stanleyson

Benno Stanleyson said:

I had never seen your blog before and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, all of it!

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