My goal is to share each day.... My first post here was Friday, today is Monday. OK, two days missed =:l

I am a firm believer in getting the engine going, then adjusting as you go. My goal is to post, even if I don't feel I have anything to post, that by getting going I will eventually have valuable things to share. Rather than not posting at all, or trying to follow other perceived scripts, or worrying about not being perfect.

After all, I started this business with no art background whatsoever, a distaste for retail sales, and 6 shirt designs. Now, I am a multi-millionaire. OK, the last part is not true, but we have morphed into a fun business connecting, creating, and lifting people up

"Sometimes you have to jump off cliffs and build wings on the way down"


November 14, 2022 — ed roth

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