Muse 3; tis the season

It's an interesting time of year to me. A time to celebrate a Holiday of Thanksgiving, and a Holiday of renewal, forgiveness.  A time to slow down as the season changes and it becomes dark outside for a much greater portion of each day. Thirdly, a time in our society and in my business to sell things, to create business before another year closes. 

I think for me, at Roth Shirt Co., Ladies Night and Men's Night exemplify a time to be grateful to have been around for another year, to have made it through a busy summer in Traverse City, and a time to thank and appreciate friends and customers. Often on these nights, I see many acquaintances and friends that I have not seen for most of the year. And, to  have a chance to visit with no pressure, no agenda, just share a drink and a laugh and be grateful for:

each other

our (hopefully) health

another year under our belts, thankfulness to have completed another "trip around the sun" and the hope of looking forward to be able to enjoy another.


November 15, 2022 — ed roth

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