In a recent conversation with a like minded thinker, they mentioned that in doing business today it too often feels like the only thing that matters is "the transaction". It got me to thinking how I am inundated with emails all day long telling me I can increase my click rates, make profit out of abandon carts, use their methods to increase my sales 150%, etc. That seems to be the focus these days, and I hear very little on how to increase my customer service, how to serve my customers better, how to create a much better, more quality product. If we can just get someone to click and complete a transaction, that is what it appears to be all about.

   I still think that if we have more fun, more free-spirited creativity, more uplifting experiences with our employees and customers, the clicks and sales and... "transactions"...  will probably happen, and our approach will be more rewarding and life-worthy.

May 15, 2023 — ed roth

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