Let the fun begin

It's arguably my favorite time of year at Roth Shirt Co.; the time to be creative. New designs, updates to store layout, new products and product colors, update website, overall grow the customer experience. In general, it's the time of year I get to be creative, which is the most fun for me. Being creative actually means growing, improving, stepping forward to the next level of customer interaction.

We all enjoy something new, something fresh, and this is the time of year I have the opportunity to create new things so that you, the customer, can come into the store and be wowed, thrilled, made more happy. So off I go, working on new designs and experiences for the coming year. 

And (never start a sentence with "and") when I say my favorite time of year, I realize that the summer months of meeting and making happy customers, which are the fruits of the winters creative labors, is just as favorable in a different way. All part of the enjoyment I have of Roth Shirt Co.

January 10, 2023 — ed roth

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