Covid reared it's ugly head. Downstate, I was hit strong and bedridden Thursday PM until Sunday. Didn't eat for two days. Unfortunately, I had to cancel our scheduled appearance at the MSU Winter Gift Show. (On the good side of that for you, the customer, is that we will have almost 200 extra stock of our best selling designs at a strong sale price this week!).

I have turned the corner and am recovering quickly now. A prescription called Paxlovid seems to have been extremely helpful. The main takeaway for me is the truth of the good ol' cliche, "it's really all about your friends and loved ones". Grateful to have had the care, concern, and prayers of groups of friends and loved ones. In life, things come our way that we would prefer they didn't, and yet our life is better for their challenge and Blessings.

December 05, 2022 — ed roth

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